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Welcome to IndabaX Nigeria

IndabaX Nigeria will become the ultimate centralized meeting point for all the various AI interventions in Nigeria, whilst leveraging on the established practices of the global Indaba. It will provide a platform to access global knowledge and align local efforts to the Pan African developmental focus on a large scale. With the emerging role of Nigeria as one of the fastest growing technology communities in the world (as validated by the Octoverse report by GitHub on the usage of its platform), there is a need to provide an inclusive national platform for all the disparate AI efforts in different parts of the country. The integrated conclave will be a unifying umbrella that has a broader Pan African impact, such that we can leverage global best practices and knowledge base for inclusive impact in our country.

IndabaX Nigeria will, therefore, bring together academic, industry practitioners and the growing developer community to form a strong tripartite workstream for various AI uses cases. In addition, the best practices, methodology, and learnings from the main Indaba will help accelerate local practices, drive adoption and provide learning connections across the continent for research collaboration, best practice sharing, and joint initiatives.

We work together! We learn together! We grow together! We strengthen Machine Learning in Nigeria. The IndabaX Nigeria is the Nigerian version of the Pan African Machine Learning Community event of academic researchers, AI professionals and ML developers.

We work towards the vision of Nigerians becoming critical contributors, owners, and shapers of the coming advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Join us, let’s work together in the spirit of Masakhane, Ofuobi, Daya Zuciya, Ajumoke!